Professional Arborist

Soil to Canopy Services

Lakeshore Tree Service offers an extensive list of arboricultural services and consulting for home owners, developers and small business

Removal Services & Firewood


Tree Removal

Professional and experienced tree cutting and removal services for your home, business or empty lot

Stump Removal

Stump grinding and removal with specialized equipment to minimize impact to surrounding trees

Lot Clearing

New development or just clearing a lot? We have the equipment and trained staff to safely clear trees and brush
Firewood for Sale

Firewood for Sale
$80/per face cord

A face cord of wood is 4 feet tall by 8 feet long. What makes some types of firewood better for burning than others? Two factors: density and water content. The denser and drier the firewood, the better it will burn and the more heat it can produce.

Lakeshore Tree Service will only sell you wood that has been split and stacked to dry for at least six months.

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Offering professional arborist services in
Kincardine, Ripley, Point Clark, Tiverton, Port Elgin, Saugeen Shores, and surrounding areas.

Professional Pruning


Types of Pruning

Trimming Trees

Enhance the look of your property and encourage healthy growth and shape of trees

Trim Overgrowth

Clear dead wood, branches and unsightly overgrowth by removing unstable or crowding limbs

Canopy thinning

Thin out the canopy to allow for more air flow and sunlight and help small trees grow properly

Line Clearing

Eliminate potential problems by trimming trees interfering or leaning into power lines

Protect Structures

Protect your property, vehicles and other valuable assets before that next big storm causes damage

Arborist Services


Arbor Report

Learn the condition of trees and shrubs on your property and address areas of poor health or concern

Disease Control

Detection and timely treatments for emerald ash borer, long horned beetle, tent caterpillar, fall webworm

Should I have my trees inspected?

Grey and Bruce county winds and storms can be unpredictable. A risk assessment by a well-trained arborist can improve your safety as well as save you time and money.

The professional arborists at Lakeshore Tree Service can identify if any trees on your property pose a hazard to structures, power lines, vehicles or even other trees in the event of extreme weather conditions.

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