Professional Pruning

For trees, hedges and shrubs

Offering formative pruning, hedge and shrub shaping, spring and fall clean-ups, and gardening and landscaping for residents and businesses services in Bruce and Grey counties.

Trimming Trees

Enhance the look of your property by encouraging healthy growth of trees, hedges and shrubs

Trim Overgrowth

Clear dead wood, branches and unsightly overgrowth by removing unstable or crowding limbs

Canopy thinning

Thin out the canopy to allow for more air flow and sunlight and help small trees grow properly

Line Clearing

Eliminate potential problems by trimming trees interfering or leaning into power lines

Trimming Trees, Hedges and Shrubs

Professional Pruning
Tree Trimming
Trimming Shrubs


Before Tree Trimming


After Tree Trimming

Offering professional pruning services for trees, hedges and shrubs in
Kincardine, Ripley, Point Clark, Tiverton, Port Elgin, Saugeen Shores, and surrounding areas.

Landscaping Consultation

Lakeshore Tree Service offers professional consulting on larger projects including selective cutting, ravine regeneration and erosion prevention. We also consult on items such as vista pruning, lot clearing, trail building and tree inventories.
Trimming Shrubs
Professional Pruning
Tree Trimming

Should I have my trees inspected?

Grey and Bruce county winds and storms can be unpredictable. A risk assessment by a well-trained arborist can improve your safety as well as save you time and money.

The professional arborists at Lakeshore Tree Service can identify if any trees on your property pose a hazard to structures, power lines, vehicles or even other trees in the event of extreme weather conditions.

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