Our soil to canopy list of service's
Soil, Grass, Shrubs and Tree Works 

We offer a list of Arboricultural services inclueding but not limited to: 

  •  Formative Pruning

  •  Tree Removals 

  •  Stump/Brush Removal

  •  Hedge/Shrub Shaping 

  •  Spring/Fall Clean-ups

  •  Insect/ Disease Control

  •  Lawn Care 

  •  Gardening/Landscaping

  •  Mycorrhiza and Organic Compost Tea Deep Root Fertilizing 

Large Project Consultation 

We offer consulting work on larger projects to achieve our clients needs, such as:


  •  Vista Prunes

  •  Lot Clearing

  •  Selective Cutting

  •  Ravine regeneration and  Erosion Prevention

  •  Trail Building

  •  Tree Inventories


Custom Installs and Specialty Work

Offering custom installations and lumber services:

  • Cabling and Bracing 

  • Moonlighting FX

  • Christmas Light

  • Wireless Surveillance Equipment

  • Custom Milling

  • Firewood