Tree Removal

Brush and Stump Removal

Managing the growth of trees on your property will reduce the risk of personal injury or unforeseen damages to your home or business.


Trees and your property

Trees growing around your property have an integral role to play providing shade and keeping your home and business cool in the summer.

Others, assist in blocking those unpleasant cold winter winds, and hopefully reducing your heating bills. The visual appeal and support of numerous bird species and wildlife round out the aesthetic benefits that trees bring to your property.

Professional tree removal

Unfortunately, trees and shrubs can become damaged over the years from high winds, restrictive growing room or a lightening strike. Below ground invasive roots can damage underground pipes or foundations.

Lakeshore Tree Service uses the latest innovations in arboricultural equipment in order to minimize the impact of removing a tree. We have a wide range of equipment including aerial lifts, chip trucks and wood and brush chippers.

And we always clean up thoroughly!

Emergency Tree Service

When you’ve been caught off guard let Lakeshore Tree Service be your go to task force for storm cleanup.

Don't risk personal injury attempting to remove large broken or hanging limbs. Let our professional arborists assess the damage and use the right equipment to ensure that you and your property are out of harm's way.

Request emergency tree service using our online form.


Stump removal

After a tree or shrub has been removed we encourage most home and business owners to also remove the stump. Doing so will eliminate tripping hazards, and the possibility of fungal root rot taking hold.

In order to fully utilize a piece of land for replanting or other landscaping be sure to ask us about removing all stumps from trees and shrubs we've cut down.

Stump grinding

The most common method in removing the base of trees and shrubs is by grinding the stump.

Lakeshore Tree Service uses a special piece of equipment to slowly chip away at what remains of the tree trunk and upper section of the root. Depending on the size of the tree we grind up to 4" below the grade.

Don’t risk personal injury by trying to dig around and cut through hard root systems. Let our professionally trained arborists tackle this last step in when removing trees and shrubs.